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Make More Income. Create More Impact. 

Now is the time to generate your legacy, without sacrificing your Freedom! 

Discover The Secret To Being A Public Figure AND An Empath Without Draining Your Life Force! 

so you can transform more lives whilst accomplishing your soul’s ambitions faster. 


As an Ambitious Empath you know you need to expand your reach to serve more clients with your soul aligned superpowers...

But why does it feel like such a struggle!? 

When you’re constantly creating content, going to every networking event and putting yourself ‘out there’, you still end up thinking to yourself... 

  • "I started this to help others and get balance in my life, that is so not my reality!"

  • "There's not enough time in the day. I’m overwhelmed with all the juggling."

  • "People don't really understand what I do." 

  • "I don't like doing ALL the things, that have to be done! (Like social media – euch it’s so draining!) "

  • "Why’s Jenna doing so much better than me, I'm just as good as her."

  • "I just don't know what to focus on next." 

  • "My business is affecting my ability to serve my clients!"

Really… I get it! It's enough to make anybody question whether it’s worth it.  You're truly gifted. You want to do it for the right reasons. You know you can transform lives and aren't greedy with your expectations of abundance, and you’re kinda close to making ‘it’.  

Now you just have to find the balance of your ambitious 3D being, with your 5D calling. 

Because you know that the transformations you make with the people you serve

create a ripple effect in THEIR lives… 

Meaning you’re amplifying the ‘legacy wave' your soul is directing you to deliver.  

    I want you to imagine What It's Going To Be Like When YOU 

  • address your fears about public speaking and are ready to put yourself in the limelight like my client Kylie. 

  • release the dreams from their shackles, like Rachel did.

  • stop letting ego affect your calling, and take things to the next level, in 1 supercharged session like my client Angela did.

  • cease second guessing your decisions, to 'Go Big!' the way Hayley got to. 

  • identify the blocks that are disrupting your world without you even knowing, like my client Roxy. 

  • facilitate healing to alleviate the other life challenges that are affecting your business, like Chelsea did. 

  • understand the blocks to self-love that're impacting your work (without realising) like Tracie did. 

  • discover why you feel or think the way you do and access your truth like Tammie got to experience. 

  • and finally allow yourself to collaborate with other soul-aligned coaches and their group of clients like I did with Genine. 

  • There is a simple solution to expanding ---and delivering your gifts to more clients ---  

    so you can continue working with the 5D realms  

    to Level-Up your gifts and further expand the potentiality for all! 

    It's the secret weapon other quantum coaches and light-workers use, but very few are

    acknowledging their need for it publicly. 


    When you have a full understanding of your own Mindweb about being an Entrepreneur AND Empath, you can completely reframe the BS (Belief System) of the sacrifices and compromises you think are required.  

    It makes sense, right? You already know that when you discover THE entire web of YOUR BS you can release, resolve and reframe all of your limitations! We know it’s not just 1 anchor, or 1 past-life imprint, or one person to forgive or DNA to repair…


    But the problem is, it’s really hard to address our own blind-spots and self-sabotage, even though we have compassion for not being able to do it by ourselves. 

      Empath Leader

      You Have A Choice,

      You Can... 

    • continue to meditate on each bumpy aspect as, and when it arises 

    • set up new boundaries each time a new negativity crops up 

    • repair the damage from being drained by the leaches 

    • keep asking Universe to bring abundance 

    • still use higher-self to guide you on a daily basis, by making the time daily to work on yourself 

    • And these are all things that I did, but when I hit rock bottom during chemo in 2020 I realised I had to surrender to it ALL and STOP doing the 3D existence in conflict with my 5D calling. 

  • Hey there!

    I'm MELL B!

    An adventure loving, double feline serving, sub-conscious ninja. 

    I’ve been supporting light-workers and empaths to gently facilitate the discovery of their past-lives, karmic ties, faulty DNA. 

    As well as energetic blocks, genetic programming, generational imprints and ego re-identifying.

    Plus some other quirky fun stuff along the way

    – (did I mention the dark entity popping)? 

    ... all without judgement of the work they do.

    Mell Balment Quantum Healer

    I’ve been a public speaker since starting as a coach 6 years ago, have published my book, won multi awards and been acknowledged as both the top 1% of Leadership Coaches in Australia and one of the worlds Top 10 Healers.

    I was also honoured as the cover-story for Corporate Escapist magazine - a mini goal I asked universe for.

    In short, I know my stuff and have set out to open the minds of mainstream in order for all light workers to reach the masses and serve humanity…Rather than being relegated to the ‘alternative’ sphere.


    But I wasn’t always this confidence, absolutely not! 

    Picture this, it’s a warm summer in 2006 and as a travelling Executive Assistant for a Chairman, 1 of my jobs was to open the Board meetings with a summary of notices, welcome the interstaters and go over the next few days logistical agendas. 


    I hated doing it - even though I wasn’t intimidated by them - I was nervous for no reason. My hands always got clammy and my stomach would be tied in knots and my ears would ring with tinnitus. It didn’t make any logical sense to be experiencing self-doubt.  

    These meetings were the golden days of my job afterall, I'd worked my butt off to be in the room, with that responsibility.   

    This is when I got to show the other directors how great I was at my job. How super organised I was and how comfortable I was being part of the executive team.  

    All of this was true! So why was I always a mess at the start of these 3-day gatherings when, all I had to do from that point on, was take minutes... and be of service - which I thrived off?! 

    Looking back I can see it came down to this...

    I was good at putting the front up, of what I should 'look-like' (going after my ambitions)

    but I didn’t know how to resolve the ...

  • Trying to prove my worthiness to sit at the table as an executive

  • Wanting to ‘earn more’ money/respect/ responsibility by showing off my skills

  • People (boss) pleasing – euch

  • Hiding behind the mask of bravado when I got overloaded with deadlines

  • The overwhelming stress, when I actually got the extra project responsibility I was chasing.

  • Doing the bare minimum of putting myself out-there by still playing small, within my comfort zone, but expecting different outcomes

  • And what I learnt almost 10 years later ...

    Was similar thoughts were happening in my new world of self-employment!!

    Particularly as I stepped into the new space of coaching and accepting I was a woo-woo ‘healer’. (I felt the healing I received for my own childhood traumas, were too woo-woo for me to deliver myself. At that time it felt easier (safer) being a coach).

    Then I realised I wasn’t alone. There were other people, admitting that even though they were serving others and making a difference in the lives of their clients, they still struggled with THEIR OWN MINDSET.

    There were other coaches, healers and empaths struggling with similar sub-conscious blocks and subtle self-sabotage, created by their gorgeous ego trying to keep them safe from its 3D understanding of the world.

    Other healers that knew, success and manifestation doesn't just happen with a bit of mindset or meditation.

    That understood entire re-framing was required for them to piece-by-piece, unlock the deepest parts of their sub-conscious to serve their clients at their highest level...

    So ... I took this new awareness and started focusing on coaches that were ready to (although not publicly sharing) having me in their back-pocket.

    We energetically cleared out every cobweb of their BS (Belief System), of past generational wounds from historical wars, and for entire groups and tribes of their ancestors.

    Especially the women in our lineage persecuted for being light-workers centuries ago.

    It was a stunning triple-win, and one, I now want to pass on to others like you!

  • without the pressure of having to share that I’m the secret weapon in your back pocket.

  • because I’ve finally created a business-focused program, specifically to help Empathic beings like you, to elevate and expand the work you do for humanity.

  • whilst it’s great doing deep immersive programs for transformation, not everybody needs my signature program.

  • as the amazing soul that you are, you are wanting to Level-Up your spirituality and constantly evolve how to better, be-of-service

  • I believe you are ready to take the path I am parting for you, to ride my wing and soar and reach your next-level clients.

  • its great fun playing with dragons and elemental beings with people that don’t second guess what their higher-self is opening them up to.

  • it feels right to create a lower priced (but comprehensive program) that is within financial reach, (especially for healers and Empaths that aren’t yet making a comfortable living from their talents and gifts).

  • Quantum Healing Session Review by Tammie IrvineEnergy Healing Session Review by Tracie Eaton

    Over the past 3 years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping empaths be more successful. What I’ve discovered after thousands of client hours is that there are 3 repeating challenges and I’ve tirelessly refined my 

    Deep Belief Hacking processes to quickly get you fast results.    

    When you enrol in EmpathPreneurShip you don’t just get a pre-recorded video, or online course with documents and guides. You also get the best of ME in this fast tracked program. 

    I am personally invested in your success because I know what it is like to be a struggling ambitious empath and I want to help you to define and achieve your next level of impact, income and independence.  

    When you enrol, you get access to my  unique tried-and-tested strategies that I’ve  personally created and used with my clients to break-through to the next level. 

    Are you excited? Because I am! 


    But I‘m going to take some time to be real with you gorgeous… 

    It physically hurts me (I’m an empath remember), when empaths talk about giving up their dreams, because it’s so hard. Because if you don’t come up with a plan you’re not only going to quit, you’re going to end up in a heap, running yourself into the ground and burnt out – and that my dear serves no-one, especially NOT your highest calling. 

    You are worthy to be paid for all of the skills, time and healing you’ve put into yourself up until now. You’ve got to stop worrying about what Healing Helen is doing, what Mystic Meg is charging and how Coach Carrie is getting the client bookings you can only dream of. 

    Plus with everything that’s happening in the world, Universe needs you to BE YOU. The world needs You as you currently are, with the gifts you’ve harnessed to be brave and start really putting yourself out there in a way that aligns with how you WANT to show up in the world. 

    Because if you don’t accept, that alignment of 3D, 4D and 5D is absolutely possible and abundance is necessary to raise the frequency for all… our society is going to keep living with poverty and lack mindsets, resulting in more physical pain and emotional suffering. 

    But I want to now congratulate you, for NOT giving, for continuing with your life’s purpose, despite the practical challenges.  

    It’s not your fault it’s been a tough journey, really, all that’s needed is some external facilitation to get around your blind spots.  

    You know that the fastest way to get results is to get help (that’s what you do with your clients).  

    So why not take some time for yourself, put your feet up (literally) and let somebody else do the work whilst you go play with higher self! 

    This is perfect for you because you know you actually need to address your own blocks to:

    INFLUENCE EmpathPreneurship
    HIGHEST SELF EmpathPreneurship
    IMPACT EmpathPreneurship

    AND YES! 

    All of this is Ab-So-Freeking-Lootly possible

    And you know what else???

    Mother Earth, Father Sky, Universe, the dragons, the other elementals and all dimensional animals and beings are on stand-by...

    waiting for us to unlock our minds and ask for their help!


    I know it's time for your to learn about:

    Create More Impact. Make More Income. 

    Now is the time to generate your legacy, without sacrificing your Freedom! 

    With My Facilitation, You Will Not Only ... 

    Discover your own way to achieve significant reach to accomplish your soul’s ambitions faster.

    Develop the mindset of a CEO to shift your business from a hobby to a centre of excellence. 

    Trust your own knowing and step into your thought leadership role.

    I Also Teach You The Techniques And Processes to Continue On Your Own!

    So I wonder...


  • Address your fears about public speaking and are ready to put yourself in the limelight like my client Kylie. (From terrified to excited in 2 sessions!) 

  • Cease second guessing your decisions, to 'Go Big!' the way Hayley got to. (there is no better way to get clarity of anything you need guidance on!) 

  • Stop letting ego affect your calling, and take things to the next level, in 1 supercharged session like my client Angela did. (Ego wasn’t keen to change it’s protective ways!) 


  • Identify the blocks that are disrupting your world without you even knowing, like my client Roxy. (we found things she didn’t realise were affecting her biz!). And, finally... 

  • Allow yourself to collaborate with other soul-aligned coaches and their group of clients like I did with Genine. (they wanted more on day 2 :D) 

  • Understand the blocks to self-love that're impacting your work (without realising) like Tracie did. (from stressed out before her 1st major exhibition to lightness) 


  • Release the dreams from their shackles, like Rachel did. (Her manifestation the next day was super cool!)  

  • Facilitate healing to alleviate the other life challenges that are affecting your business, like Chelsea did. (from PTSD trauma to all manner of other hidden wounds) 

  • Discover why you feel or think the way you do and access your truth like Tammie got to experience. (taking self-discovery journeys to the next level, so fun!) 

  • Enabling you to increase the impact you leave on the world...

  • be known as the thought leader creating change, waaay beyond just your community.

  • be the positive influence creating ripple effects on the world, beyond the client you serve.

  • be the shining example of what's possible for your family and leave the legacy you desire.


    Wing Girl Support


  • Oh and I should mention that all my Quantum programs include Wing-Girl’ out of hours support and accountability!

    This is the secret weapon that my past practitioner clients have been telling their sisterhood. 

    You get me in your back-pocket for the emergencies that come up, and to keep you striving for your ambitious.

    Quantum Healing Testimonial for Mell Balment
    Quantum Healing Testimonial for Mell Balment
    How to Enroll in EPS
  • Step 1

    Right after you click on the Enrol button you’ll be sent to a page with a quick google form to answer 3 quick questions – this allows me to get straight to the root of what you desire, ready for step 2.

  • Step 2

    Next, you will set up your 45 minute Breakthrough Session to breakdown your goals into a rapid result plan, which is super exciting – and yes with your permission - expect me to expand your dreams even bigger.

    This is also when I introduce to my Mindweb analysis process to create your checklist for us to work through in our 6 sessions.

    By the end of the breakthrough session, we will know if we are a good fit for one another to continue with your plans. 

  • Step 3

    If we agree to continue with the EmpathPreneurShip Program, you'll be sent an email with the link to the payment page.  

  • Step 4

    Following successful payment, you will be sent to the resource page to download your resources and get the booking link for your Deep Belief Hacking quantum healing Sessions.

  • Step 5

    Then you simply schedule the first of your 6 sessions where we use my proprietary Mindweb Analysis process to address ALL of the aspects we uncovered in your Breakthrough session.  

    This is the basis of our time together (and the time which my clients can’t get enough of!)

  • Step 6

    You also get recordings of our zoom calls (if we used it), where you can actually watch the transformations you went through!

  • Step 7

    Lastly, you be sent copies of our session notes to reflect and journal on what we quantum shifted in session – this debriefing can be very powerful to understand the 3D and 5D expansion.

  • Quantum Leap your blocks to create and leave the IMPACT you're meant to with Rapid Results with bonuses!

    Resources for Self-Mastery Mindset Training

    There's a reason so many successful people from all walks of life use meditation for a wide range of benefits. 

    • relaxation

    • clarity

    • inner wisdom and guidance

    • pain management

    • connection to self, others, and the planet

  • When you join EmpathPreneurShip...


    I guarantee you'll walk away at the end of our 6 sessions having clearly identified and released the areas that you are energetically blocked.... 

    Or your money back 


    In other words, client satisfaction is very important to me. I don't want to keep your money if you are unhappy. So if we haven’t comprehensively deconstructed your MindWeb, all you have to do is email [email protected] and I will happily refund your full fee. 

    I take on all the risk! 

    OK! Let's Recap!

    Note: Because I give my absolute best to every client, I only have eight [8] openings

    4 of each - right now. 

    So don't miss out by waiting  





  • Because I actually Give A FAQ!

    Here are some of the most popular questions ANSWERED:

  • When is the next intake happening?

    Working on yourself can be a lot like having a baby, you know you want one, but the truth is: the time is NEVER perfect or right, is it?  

    But when you get clear on something you want, and you get committed to making it happen, you MAKE the time. And that’s the choice you’re gonna have to make right now... are you going to continue putting your dreams off for ‘some-day’ (which never comes) or are you going to Make it happen. 

    Also remember... it’s not about you, it’s about the impact you want to make on the world… 

    I'm not sure if you can help me as I don’t know what else can be done with my sub-conscious

    This is the kind of situation I thrive off. I’ve had all manner of coaches and healers, ‘agree’ to a session with me in my early days of testing things out. Every single one of them was blown away by what they discovered was holding them back. In fact these clients are the ones I was able to win recognition for my process. (They were comfortable to submit their results to a private evaluation committee but’d rather not tell the world they needed external help). 

    How many people do you work with – are places really limited?

    They absolutely are! And this is some of what we will work on together, what is your energetic capacity? I definitely keep my clients numbers very low so I'm fully present and available to work through everything with you. I need to allow enough space to provide exclusive ‘Wing-Girl’ out of hours support and accountability.  

    Will I really resolve all of my problems?

    Quantum healing is Deep! Every coach and practitioner I’ve worked with has been amazed by my proprietary Mindweb Analysis process.  This method identifies - at your super-conscious level - what needs to be addressed, this is our 'To-Do' list. We create this checklist in our first breakthrough session. Knowing what needs to be done at the start allows YOU to prioritise and create a 'wish -list for us to work through. You'll be amazed how much MORE we end up ticking off! 

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Totally yes!! I get that you may not have the full amount in advance, all I ask is a minimum deposit of $333 to cover our breakthrough session where if we don't continue wit the program you walk away with your Tailored Rapid Results Plan and Personalised Mindweb Checklist! Sound Fair? I stand totally confident in the results my programs bring to people, so have no issues organising clients with plans to continue AFTER they have started - so I take on the risk up front. 

    I really need this, but I don't know that I have enough time to commit

    Sessions are structured so you have time out, to focus on YOU. When your cup is full, those around you can’t benefit from your super powers. I get it's tough for mums but encourage you to use the opportunity to teach your children the value of putting themselves first - every now and again for important causes.  We lead by example, what are you teaching the people around you about how you value your own life and personal aspirations? 

    I really want to do this but now isn't a good time

    This is hard to answer, when would the right time be? Do you know? In fact... if you say anytime in the future, I'm wondering how long you've been putting this off... and even coach yourself and ask...  is this an excuse or genuine reason? How much longer can you keep putting what you want to do off and how you’re meant to serve the world, remember it’s not just about you, it’s about the clients waiting for you to step into the limelight! 

    I'm overwhelmed with everything going on in my life right now.

    Then you absolutely need to do this now!! Overwhelm is the #1 thing I’m best at helping with! When there is nothing left in the engine its hard to be inspired to do what you want to do. If your plate is full perhaps it's time to look at what's taking up space to make space for what you want to get out of life. 

    When can I start?

    You can apply immediately and after you complete the google form you can book in your Breakthrough call straight away. This is when we work out if we're a good fit and you want to go ahead with the program.  You can book you first session from the 15th May.


    I want you to know that I’ll genuinely be increasing the price of this program in the next intake because EmpathPreneurShip is worth so much more but this is the first time I’ve opened my books like this, so I'm experimenting a little bit! 

    This is a very limited-time offer only for 8 Ambitious Empaths, so if you’re thinking of putting this off, please don’t because it is likely that the places will be filled up if you come back later. 

    P.S. If you know somebody that may be interested in this I offer complimentary sessions as a thank you for your referral (upon conclusion of their payments). Just let me know their name and I’ll be in touch upon completion of their program. 

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