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Mell Balment Homepage 0 to 24 | Low Level Empath

You're not a fully tuned empath... (YET)

Although not always plain sailing, you don't have the added complication of strong empathic abilities... yet.

All skills are learned, you can start tuning up your abilities by paying focused attention to how people, situations and the environment affects your energy levels and emotions.

Find out how to interact with people in a way that serves you and what you want to get out of life.

It might also indicate that you currently have minimal awareness of your empathic abilities.

You might occasionally experience intuitive insights or emotional reactions without fully recognising their origin or significance.

Tip for Discovery: To enhance your awareness and understanding take time each day to tune into your emotions and physical sensations, noticing any patterns or recurring themes. Seek out resources and guidance from experienced empaths or empathic communities to learn more about empathic traits and how to navigate them effectively.

By cultivating mindfulness and curiosity, you can gradually deepen your awareness and embrace your empathic nature with confidence and clarity.


If you find yourself scoring low in the low-level empath stage despite possessing a high level of empathic self-mastery, it suggests that you have a strong foundation in managing and understanding your empathic abilities. Your ability to regulate and channel empathic energies may be well-developed, allowing you to navigate various situations with ease.

You know you're highly sensitive and have a low score representing your ability to work with your talents. How exciting, we can alchemise the world together! 

If you're an established, self-managing empath, I applaud and celebrate you!...

Tip for Discovery: Despite your advanced level of empathic self-mastery, it's essential to remain open to further exploration and growth. It's very likely you have other gifts it's not uncommon to have 1 more developed than another. 

Perhaps there is another that scores lower on the 'What type of empath am I' assessment that you can actually tune up and become more adept with.

By embracing your empathic nature fully and continuing to cultivate self-awareness, you can further enhance your empathic abilities and deepen your connection with yourself and the world around you.

Want to know more about your Empathic Gifts? Why not book in a chat with me... I looooove talking to other Empaths, especially new ones discovering their talents and gifts!


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