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Mell Balment Homepage 25 - 36 | Mid Level Empath

You are slightly Empathic

You may find yourself not having strong empathic abilities yet, but you're starting to recognise the impact people and situations have on you.

Start paying focused attention to how people, situations, and the environment affect your energy levels and emotions. Engage in practices like journaling or self-reflection to deepen your awareness of your empathic experiences.

You're slightly empathic and seeking answers to understand why people and things affect you so much.

Tip for Discovery: Explore mindfulness practices and self-awareness techniques to better understand your empathic sensitivities. Take time to reflect on your interactions and experiences, noticing any patterns or triggers that affect your emotions.

Seek out resources and guidance from experienced empaths to deepen your understanding and navigate your empathic journey with greater clarity.

Check out the 'What type of empath am I' self assessment as this may shed some light on the source of where all the overwhelm and energy is coming from.

You can also reach out to me and I'll share some free insights and tips about living as an Empath and how others may be interacting with you.

Want to know more about your Empathic Gifts? Why not book in a chat with me... I looooove talking to other Empaths, especially new ones discovering their talents and gifts!


Some people think that only special individuals have extraordinary senses, but I believe we all have them from the start. Some of us are just more aware and better at using them.

The good news is that we can learn to improve these abilities, which helps us deal with all the information we get through our heightened senses.

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