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You are a powerful but (perhaps) struggling Empath

So you're a bonafide empath!! You may be aware that you are sensitive to a lot of things, but not know how to manage the heightened energies and situations you find yourself in.

Tip for Discovery: Continue honing your skills in energy management and boundary-setting to navigate your empathic experiences with greater ease.

Explore techniques such as grounding exercises to purge energy, visualisation, and meditation to maintain balance and protect yourself from energy vampires and environments.

You can also seek support from mentors or peers who understand empathic sensitivities to enhance your mastery and empower yourself to thrive as a highly tuned individual.

On the other hand... You may have just discovered that you are highly tuned to frequencies that are outside of your control. If this is the case it might start to sawn on you why your energy, emotions and well being has been so up and down.

I'm gonna let you know, it's not your fault, and what you've been feeling might not even be created by YOU. (That's how I discovered I was a highly sensitive person). Somebody told me that they were feeling a lot of anxiety and them saying it (and sort of claiming it) allowed by body to dissipate - it wasn't my emotion!)

So it's very possible you've been tuning into other sources around you heightening and amplifying your energy levels. I never had suffered from mild anxiety - I was feeling other people's energies (OPE's)! 

As a result of not knowing you're an empath, you may not be effectively managing your boundaries.

It's critical to learn how to stop some of these side effects impacting your life.  Check out the 'What type of empath am I' self assessment as this may shed some light on the source of where all the overwhelm and energy is coming from.

OPEs may be affecting your relationships and success in any work you do - yes this is true, even if you're a stay-at-home-mum and hardly leave the house (maybe that's why?!

If you'd like help, you can book in below for a chat, about protecting and re-charging your life-force as an empath.

Want to know more about your Empathic Gifts? Why not book in a chat with me... I looooove talking to other Empaths, especially new ones discovering their talents and gifts!


Some people think that only special individuals have extraordinary senses, but I believe we all have them from the start. Some of us are just more aware and better at using them.

The good news is that we can learn to improve these abilities, which helps us deal with all the information we get through our heightened senses.

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