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How are you coping, Hon?

With such a high score, I'm certain life must be an emotional roller coaster and draining experience for you, but it doesn't have to continue this way!

If you're new to this empathy thing, then you must learn how to detect energy vampires and recognise others to avoid when your compassion is not best serving you.

Check out the 'What type of empath am I' self assessment as this may shed some light on the source of where the energies are coming from.

Book in for a chat and I'll share some of my simple strategies to help you out!

Want to know more about your Empathic Gifts? Why not book in a chat with me... I looooove talking to other Empaths, especially new ones discovering their talents and gifts!


Some people think that only special individuals have extraordinary senses, but I believe we all have them from the start. Some of us are just more aware and better at using them.

The good news is that we can learn to improve these abilities, which helps us deal with all the information we get through our heightened senses.

Are you curious to find out what type of Empathic Gift you have? 

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