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Mell B's Signature Program delivered in 1-day

(Join In-person or via Livestream)

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Quantum Leap Your Business,
Your Life & Your Resiliency in 1 DAY!

1- day Workshop

Mell B's Signature Program delivered in 1-day

(Join In-person or via Livestream)

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In-person: $888

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Why EmpathPreneurShip?

Remove Your Emotional Blocks to Become a Better Entrepreneur, Lightworker & Service Provider

I want you to imagine What It's Going To Be Like When YOU address your fears about public speaking and are ready to put yourself in the limelight. 

To release the dreams from their shackles. 

When you stop letting ego affect your calling, and take things to the next level. 

Being able to cease second guessing your decisions, to 'Go Big!'

Learn to identify the blocks that are disrupting your world without you even knowing.

Allow me to facilitate healing to alleviate the other life challenges that are affecting your business. 

Get the understanding of your blocks to self-love, self-belief and self-worth that're impacting your work (without realising). 

Discover why you feel or think the way you do and access your truth and wisdom. 

Finally allow yourself to collaborate with other soul-aligned coaches and their group of clients.

There is a simple solution to expanding ---and delivering your gifts to more clients ---  so you can continue working with the 5D realms  to Level-Up your gifts and further expand the potentiality for all! 

It's the secret weapon other quantum coaches and light-workers use, but very few are acknowledging their need for it publicly. 


Embodying EmpathPreneurShip 

When you have a full understanding of your own Mindweb about being an Entrepreneur AND Empath, you can completely reframe the BS (Belief System) of the sacrifices and compromises you think are required. 

 It makes sense, right?

You already know that when you discover THE entire web of YOUR BS... you can release, resolve and reframe all of your limitations! 

We know it’s not just 1 anchor, or 1 past-life imprint, or one person to forgive or DNA to repair…








Join In-Person

  • All inclusive of meals, free parking, and intimate coaching session and healing 

  • Recordings of each session

  • $777

    $888 Qoin

    Join via Zoom Livestream

  • 6 Zoom Links to each module 

  • Recordings of each session 

  • $333

    $444 Qoin



    To amplify your INFLUENCE.

  • Fears of being seen

  • Get past the video stop blocks


    To understand your ego blocks to INCOME.

  • Societal and parental limiting beliefs

  • Unleash ‘upper earning’ limits


    Deep Belief Hack your self worth to create your INDEPENDENCE.

  • Learn to trust intuition

  • Stop being a workshop junkie and start to believe you are ready


    This is perfect for you because you know you actually need to address your own blocks to

    The Success Alchemist

    As a corporate escapist, Mell Balment (Mell B) acknowledged her calling as an intuitive healer in 2014.

    During her executive days, she was a project co-ordinator and EA to a board of directors, so is definitely driven by results! (she's also met 3 Prime Ministers!) Because she has gone through serious challenges herself, she knows how hard it is.

    Mell B uses her passion for helping Empaths to live their best lives so they can realise they are unlimited beings here to add value to the world and humanity. Mell is the creator of 'Mindweb Analysis' and 'Deep Belief Hacking' and is the founder of the 'EmpathPreneurShip' program and workshops, where she facilitates the opening of spiritual minds to remove out-of-date-blueprints to quantum leap forward and accomplish unrealised goals.

    She's been a public speaker since starting as a coach 6 years ago, has published a book, won multi awards and been acknowledged as both the top 1% of Leadership Coaches in Australia and one of the worlds Top 10 Healers in 2019.